Posthuman parenting in hybrid reality: Become a digital parent now!

In the future, what will it mean to breed or reproduce if it is not so much a physical matter but a matter of choice and technology? Speculating on the future of human reproduction, Victorine van Alphen created a hybrid reality in which you can breed & meet your own cyborg baby based on human characteristics in post-human bodies. After an interview with futuristic elements, you will encounter your interactive cyborg baby, uniquely rendered for you, based on your answers.

Artist & philosopher Victorine van Alphen is interested in achieving a togetherness in VirtualReality: Can we as physical beings feel a togetherness with digital beings? What does it mean to be a ‘digital being’?  Furthermore, as 21st-century woman, she is fascinated by the tendency of technology moving more and more away from the body and its obstacles, leaving us free to choose for parenthood, without even sleeping with a partner, or in the future, perhaps without even having a body… 

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