Victorine Van Alphen with IVF-X: Posthuman parenting in Hybrid Reality was interviewed on national Brazil television for the eyes of millions on a controversial topic “(How) can we experimentally taste the future of human genders, and understand a Posthuman future?”

IVF-X on television:

1-10-2021 Victorine Van Alphen received the Golden Calf (Dutch Oscar) for Digital Culture with her work IVF-X: Posthuman Parenting in Hybrid Reality.

“a third space beyond the ever-present binary thinking” A dream to read the words of the jury – who nominated Victorine Van Alphen for a golden calf and unfolded the urgency: “IVF‑X does what good sci-fi can do. It becomes a mirror for our existing world, in this case addressing presup­po­si­tions and biases surrounding parent­hood. The care­fully consid­ered scenog­raphy and the stages in which the story is constructed make even a scep­tical audi­ence into vulner­able partic­i­pants. Story and tech­nology are one. This is not a VR expe­ri­ence, but one that uses VR precisely, convinc­ingly and harmo­niously as just one of the media. IVF‑X asks ques­tions about what life is, about genetics and repro­duc­tion, and about the indi­vid­u­al­istic society and culture we live in. In just 20 minutes, you are effec­tively immersed in very personal and profound layers of what parenting could be outside of patri­ar­chal, commer­cialised and gendered norms. It offers a third space beyond the ever-present binary thinking. At the end of the piece, the ques­tions posed about post-human exis­tence continue to resonate.”

On the Left VR specialist and awesome crewmember Aron Fels, on right Lukas van der Starre: Production and partner in crime as human guide (guiding the audience performatively through the many stages of IVF-X).

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