UPCOMING: New project ‘The Oracle: Ritual for the future’, will be funded by Immerse//Interact (Stimuleringsfonds & Filmfund)

24th + 25th of May 2024 @ Frascati Theatre: An intimate peak for a ‘micro-society’ of 8 mixed audience-members per show, will take place to test this unique immersive & futuristic hypermedia ritual. It is funded by Immerse/Interact (stimuleringsfonds & Filmfund). Frascati will hosts this event which you may book through their website soon: https://www.frascatitheater.nl/nl/agenda (update will follow)

As part of her ongoing artistic research into how technologies transform the way we perceive our own sensuality and world, Award winning director Victorine Van Alphen will explore a compelling mixture of generative visual AI, robots (drones) and immersive visual technologies next to ancient and modern social interactions to create a micro-society build with the citizens of the future: You, robots, and A.I.

More info about the fund and new project can be found underneath:


The Oracle: A Transformance. 

An immersive trans-media performance-ritual  for humans, robots, and images. 

How will society look like in the future, when we will share our cultural and social space with robots, AI, and (digital) visuals even more then we do already? ‘The Oracle: a transformance’ – the newest project by award winning artist and director Victorine van Alphen – will present an intuitive yet futuristic participatory ritual on the verge of performance, social experiment, visual arts, media arts and technology.  Surrounded by a 360 virtual landscape depicting a deeply ambiguous future, an intimate group of participants will be immersed and assimilated into a ritual in which drones, actors, robots, and images are seducing, moving, leading, following and questioning the audience throughout a 20-30 minute ‘posthuman choreography’. 

The oracle seeks to reconfigure, choreograph, and re-distrubute known (future) scenarios and crises in aesthetically unique, physically compelling and socially interactive ways. It takes a world of polycrises not as a dystopia, but rather as a starting point from which new sensualities, (post-)human and post-physical phenomena, (hybrid-)materialities and ambiguous scenarios arise beyond good & evil, beyond black & white, where all is yellow…

‘The Oracle: a Transformance’  will experientially explore a new world where meaning and morals will melt & mingle like never before.  This new ritual introduces and transforms its participants to be ‘ready’ for and engulfed by a future that may be as unthinkable as it is unavoidable. 

Artist & futurologist Victorine Van Alphen invites you deep into this immersive and experimental mini-society. What role will you take? Who leads who? Can you look the future in the eye? How may we interpret, unfold, expand this immersive peak into the future?

More about the maker.

After the international succes of the controversial IVF-X: Posthuman Parenting in Hybrid reality (Winner Golden Calf 2021) Victorine van Alphen weaves her trans-media and transdisciplinary approach into this new collaborative project using developments in artificial intelligence, robotics and generative visuals while combining it with more sensually and socially based research. This to establish a layered (post-)human form that may unfold the future in an innovative perspective. Key to all her work is the dynamic clash between our rational (digital) and sensual (physical) existence. In her latest project, the oracle, our complex human position and condition in an evermore technologized and virtual world will be deepened through post-physical aesthetics, while its ritual form allows the audience to be both physically as well as intellectually stimulated. Combining multi-disciplinary elements – from gestures to generated A.I. visuals, from sensual drones to social manipulation – Victorine van Alphen seeks to expand existing genres and art forms to enable controversial and immersive micro-futures.

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