‘Dimensions of Experience’: Victorine Van Alphen develops artistic method to analyze and create experiences at Lectoraat of The Netherlands Filmacademy/ Greenhouse Stipendium 2023/2024.

In and through artistic practice and experiment with diverse audiences and arts-students worldwide, a fluid model of ingredients or ‘dimensions’ of experience was conceived to better analyze and create experiences. An experience is build up from an infinite number of elements, for instance consider: the weather, how you slept, if your train was late and you came running towards this experience (still feeling you breath what color of light you are in, what things you read or saw related to the experience you are seeing, with whom you are there, what role you take, what physical position you are in, what music is playing etc… So how do we create and analyze an experience if so many ingredients count? Another problem is that you can’t even say that certain light + certain sound + certain visuals means that you will have a certain experience since this experience is not only subjective it is also emergent: its not just the sum of its parts/elements, its the experiential result of the total. Yet what this research ‘dimensions of experience’ focusses on is on a variety of casestudies and a selection of very important as well as overlooked experiential ingredients that show interesting effects on the experience of the totality. The question in these casestudies is not what all ingredients are, but which ones are very relevant. Sometimes the experience of the [color of lighting] might be the game changer, or a combination of a [social role] that the audience receives in and through interaction with a guide is completely effective together with a certain very intimate and vulnerable [bodily position] backed by a subtle acoustic landscape. Those ingredients make the difference, and show interesting interplays between certain ingredients/’dimensions of experience’. This ongoing artistic research and the playful lectures and workshops in which these ‘dynamics of experiential dimensions’ are looked at on a deeper level, explore the many ways in which experience can be unfold and created. An example of such workshop was the masterclass at ‘Loops, new practice’ a lecture series at the technical university of Berlin, en University of the Arts Berlin.


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