Artificial Intimacy Lecture performance @ MACA (Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam)

‘The Artificial Intimacy Quiz’ invites you into the position of creator. You are confronted with radical decisions and human subtleties distilled from ‘IVF-X: Posthuman parenting in hybrid reality’, a futuristic cyborg clinic. Van Alphen questions our intimate relationship to the digital realm – and thus our own physicality – experientially. Through the cyborg clinic she has witnessed over 100 ‘couples’ and singles eager to breed and meet their own cyborg babies, while navigating intimate reproduction desires & dilemma’s through a retro-futuristic interface.

In ‘the Artificial Intimacy Quiz’, Victorine will take you backstage into the shoes of herself and her audience as makers. 

Research and project: After a nine month long journey through voxels and squabs*, looking for techniques to move beyond human imagination, Van Alphen found procedural simulation software to grow ‘cyborgs’. To create the ‘aliveness’ of these post-human beings, complexity and chaos became crucial. The ultimate experiment though consisted of choreographing her audience through fundamentally different types of media and modes of experiencing IVF-X. In this human guided ‘institutional ritual’, the participant is stimulated socio-culturally, theatrically, philosophically, physically, and audio-visually into a meaningful clash of experiences. Emancipating or dystopian? 

When, What, Where16/17 October 8:00h-8:40(?) in MACA. The Artificial Intimacy Quiz.16-30 October. IVF-X: Posthuman parenting for hybrid reality. Showcased in LAB111 by Imagine Film Festival. After an intimate audiovisual intake, the retro-futuristic iPad-interface requires your preferences to ‘breed and meet’ your cyborg-baby in VR – digitally grown based on your choices. 15-19 IVF-X backstage teaser HD digital video  in MACA

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